30 by 30

I think I may have missed my last week of blogging, oops. But I did write three that first week of my goal so it’s ok! Ha!

Anyway, I saw some other people who wrote about “29 things I want to do before I turn 29”. Since I turn 29 in a mere year and two months, I insist upon doing 30 so I will have more time!!!

Here they are:

1. Weigh under 180 pounds again
2. Wear a bikini for the first time since I was 8
3. Visit multiple Caribbean islands
4. Visit another continent (Caribbean islands in South America don’t count)
5. Start a profitable business that employs other people besides myself
6. “Pay it Forward” by doing something drastically helpful for another (like the time my friend Gina randomly gave me an envelope with $100 in it and a letter saying how she knows I need it more…coincidentally on the same day that my best friend returned my copy of “Pay it Forward” that she had for months earlier.
7. Start rollerblading often again
8. Own my very own awesome dog
9. Not have car payments for at least one year (car is paid off next January 2012!)
10. Pay back my old room mate Jon for having my back when I first moved out in 2002
11. Karaoke in front of strangers again
12. Run a whole mile without stopping once
13. Run a whole mile in under 10 minutes
14. Do a damn pull-up for the first time in my life
15. Cliff jump into water without dying or breaking any bones
16. Go a whole month without having any soda
17. Get my A.A degree done and over with
18. Obtain my business license for my current babysitting/teaching gig
19. Buy a bicycle
20. Go camping in Yosemite
21. Eat a whole serving of seafood
22. Have an amazing garden with enough vegetables to cut out buying them in stores
23. Make my own bunny food out of dehydrated vegetables and fruits (and other rodents)
24. Go to Disneyland for my first time
25. Go to the San Diego Zoo for my first time
26. Have an actual savings account with a stash of at least $2,000
27. Go wine tasting for my first time
28. Live in a house in a field with some sort of livestock (outside in their pasture of course)
29. Play on a sports team for the first time since I played soccer in kindergarten
30. Pay off all my old debt accounts!!! (not including current credit cards.. just lots of old closed accounts!) and have a credit score in the “good” rating status!!!!

When reflecting on all these goals I seem to notice a reoccurring theme… Travel, body health and of course, financial. Most of my life I’ve spent slacking off in the monetary world so I’ve never actually had a savings account with “savings” in it nor have I ever had great credit. I quickly ruined my credit when I was 18 by getting all sorts of cards and not paying them off until I was 23ish. Now that I’m getting older my credit is definitely better but it’s still considered crap when it comes to loans and higher credit lines. I’m confident that I can raise my score greatly within the next few months because of a debt pay-off plan I’m doing to prepare myself for a move late in the Spring. Plus, once I have better credit I’ll be more likely to get a business loan that will enable to start/expand on my childcare endeavors.

I’ve never been the sportsy type either. My furthest attempts at being athletic were (as mentioned) playing on a young soccer team where the only memory I have of the actual game is wearing the wrong color shirt one day when I was goalie. Haha. I was deeply into rollerblading ever since it was first created (early 90’s?) so I’m hopeful to start that habit again. Basically it seems that many of my goals relate to each other and once I can achieve one goal, others will be able to come easily!

And the travel, that’ll be easy. I’ve already got the San Diego Zoo trip planned and I’m sure Disneyland will come later on this year. I also want to go to Hawaii this year but if that doesn’t happen, no biggie.

I think all these goals are easily attainable and I’m excited to start crossing some off within the next few months!


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  1. Alyssa replied:

    Yay! I’m glad you had a positive post because mine today was kind of a bust.
    I can help you do lots of these things!!!

  2. Dad replied:

    Get health insurance should be on the list before going cliff diving!

    You’re going to make bunny food out of other rodents? ewwww

  3. Matt replied:

    How about another blog before 30? 😉
    Sorry, I’m now one of the people regularly checking 🙂

  4. Alyssa replied:


  5. Alyssa replied:

    20 days.
    We are counting.

  6. Changing the way America eats | Double Chin Diary replied:

    […] sentence, I realize that I only have four months and two days to accomplish many of the goals on my “30 before 30 list!”  Upon looking at that list, I realize there is no chance for many of those goals to happen just […]

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